Ceilings - Acoustic Demo

by Ceilings

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Thanks to Lily Dixon for doing us a sick cover even if it was for our old band.


released February 18, 2014

Josh- 2 sticks/vox
Rob-6 strings/yelps



all rights reserved


Ceilings Cheltenham, UK

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Track Name: Skating in Doc Martens is a whole lot harder than i thought it was
you are telling me things that i don't really care about,
and you are reminding me of my own self-doubt,
and i'm sorry i can't pay attention,
but i never said that I'd try

you are the phone line going dead on me,
you are the last thing that I will ever see,
you are the feeling i get when i am on my knees,
please, dont give up on me

you are pushing me away,
and i am not helping,
when my anxieties are enough for the both of us,
i'm not trying to be perfect

i'm trying my hardest,
what dyou want me to say?
and i know that i am not the best,
do you even want me to stay
Track Name: Brian goes to town.
I have bitten my fingers down to the bone
its funny how that makes me feel at home
i am waiting indefinitely
for something to happen to me

I am the permanent frown that you have left behind
I am the first to leave and last one to arrive

Believe me Im breathing
im just not sure each breath is one i want to take
believe me im leaving
i want to drown myself in the lake
Track Name: Last Year
next year i will be better
at the things i am trying to do
and in that darkened room with the tv on
i knew it would be alright

im sorry about all the shit that I said last year
and i know that this cant be fun for you to hear

i dont know what youre trying to prove
we both know that youre better
if its as easy as you say it is
then why haven't you left?